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ISMO Clan page

Clannies and future clannies, welcome to clan ISMO! Our credo: We support each other, especially newer players. All are welcome.

Clan ISMO is an active clan and seeking new members. We are very well stocked, having almost all equipment. In fact, thanks to a special mutual whitelisting arrangement with Alan Gorealan and the Clan Where Cool People Go, a member of ISMO (or a member of Cool People) has access to all of the VIP Lounge items. In fact, our arrangement means you can join one clan and have access to two Slime Tubes, two Hobopolises, and two Dreadsylvanias. The two clans' furnishings are slightly different, so check both clans to see what fits your needs (adventures? PVP?) best. It's like joining two clans at once! If you're new and haven't yet been whitelisted, be sure and let someone in ISMO leadership know, and we can make arrangements with Cool People.

We have competitions every now and then to keep things interesting, so be sure to keep an eye on the forums. For example, that nut Aventuristo (he's obsessed; we worry about him) has an annual Obvious Contest you don't want to miss, especially if you're new.


KoLmafia Scripts

  • AscendReady, a script to check for needed items to pull from Hagnk's
  • BuffScript, a buffing script
  • ClannieLib, a library for processing clan rosters. Superseded by clanlib below.
  • Pullscript
  • Returnees, a script which prints which clannies have gone from Inactive to Active since the last time the script was run. Superseded by returnees below.
  • Rollover, a rollover script
  • Skriptoj, a collection of scripts by Aventuristo hosted on Github. Included:
    • Libraries
      • acli: Aventuristo's command line interface
      • clanlib: Library to help track clan activities. Supersedes ClannieLib
      • steplib: Library support for writing step-by-step scripts that can be stopped and restarted
    • Scripts
      • dread-todo: Tells you what noncombats are available to you in Dreadsylvania. Requires acli.
      • loot-distribs: Tallies dungeon loot distributions. Requires acli and clanlib.
      • returnees: Reports which clannies have gone active or inactive, and which have left or arrived, since the last time this was run. Requires clanlib. Supersedes the previous version of returnees above.
      • siphon: Reports which drinks you have yet to consume to get the Spirited Drinker trophy

Player Snapshots

These are snapshots of player profiles that are maintained on If you run KoLmafia (a must for any obsessed player), you can download and install script called cc_snapshot.ash. Running it will collect all sorts of data about your achievements and acquisitions, and send the information to, where it can later be viewed. Here are the profiles of some clan members:

Player Ascension Histories

The site contains data on all the players' ascensions. I guess it has access to KoL's database. Anyway, here are the ascension histories of some clan members: